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Conversion Optimization Consulting

Optimize Your Site for Your Business Goals
With the escalating costs of driving more visitors to their websites, many companies are now wisely turning to Conversion Optimization to improve their bottom lines.

While many firms focus narrowly on things such as your rate of conversions, or how one particular page performs, we steer our customers to focus on those web activities that have the closest correlation to the bottom lineómaximizing the number and value of conversions.
What Do You Want Your Site's Visitors To Do?
A "conversion" can be many different things to different sites. But the commonality among all is that it is always an activity from which the organization derives some kind of value. One that contributes to the bottom lineóthe purpose the site exists.

For an ecommerce site, this is easy to grasp. A conversion is an order, a purchase. As optimizers, our goal is to increase either the number of orders, or the average value of an order, or both. For a Business-to-Business Lead Generation site, the goal is for visitors to call or fill out a lead form. For media sites, the goal is to view and click on ads. A non-profit site's goal might be for visitors to donate money or volunteer.

Just as there is typically one ultimate "final" desired activity you hope your visitors perform, there are often "microconversions" that can occur. These are activities which bring value to the organization, because it clearly advances the visitor down the funnel toward the ultimate conversion. These can be things such as downloading some research, signing up for a newsletter, printing coupons, etc.
We Help You Get More Of What You Want
As your Conversion Optimization Consultant, we help you increase the number and value of your conversions through any of a number of activities:

Conversion Process Review
While "Best Practices" are not always necessarily best for you, they are often a good place to start. We can review your website, focusing on the typical steps to a conversion. We'll analyze it based on our experience at having seen what works well and what hinders. We can advise on what kinds of modification hypotheses to consider running tests on and implementing to improve your site's results.

A/B and Multivariate Testing
Nearly every modification proposed for a site can be scientifically tested as a hypothesis to determine if it does indeed improve results for your site. Every situation is different, so when at all possible, we recommend scientifically testing hypotheses to validate them and learn more about your customers and their experiences. A/B and Multivariate tests eliminate other variables and enable us to determine to a statistical near-certainty if a proposed modification does or does not actually lead to an improved bottom line.

Usability Testing
By observing actual users of your site, we can help uncover hidden issues that prevent interested customers from completing a conversion. This can lead to improvements with fabulous results.

Email Optimization
For many organizations, traffic originating from email can convert at a much higher rate than most other sources. We can help you develop campaigns that will yield results, and assist you to implement them properly to maximize those results.

Analytics Optimization
An accurate and complete analytics installation can be very valuable in uncovering issues with a website to improve, or tell you more about those customers who are converting. It's also critical in measuring the success of test hypotheses and site improvements accurately.

We are prepared to utilize these techniques to help you achieve more from your site. Contact us today to learn more.