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Analytics Optimization

Analytics (or Metrics) refers to the numeric measurements of the Key Performance Indicators of your web site, and frankly, this could not be a more important component of your web marketing strategy.
We use accurate and timely analytics for two crucial roles in your optimization process:
  • To provide keen insights into how your visitors are using your site to identify opportunities for improvement.

  • To measure the results of all marketing programs or site modifications/tests you implement to determine which are having positive impacts.

Web Analytics can be intimidating for many people. There is just so much data available, that it can overwhelm just about anyone not deeply experienced with them. That's where we come in. We help you cut through all the data to deliver insights. We steer you to focus on the true Key Performance Indicators for your web site to measure real results. We work with you to pull meaningful insights out of all those numbers. Your days of "So what?" will be over.
Some of the specific Web Site Analytics programs we offer are:
Analytics Audit
We'll analyze your current analytics program to make sure that you are collecting all of your data accurately, and that it measures all of the critical metrics. We can assist you to fix any problems that we identify, regardless of your analytics platform.

Analytics Enhancements
Many businesses are receiving a very basic level of metrics but need to dig deeper to either get true insight, or to properly measure the bottom-line effects of their marketing programs. We frequently assist clients in using their own tools' advanced techniques to measure certain events or filter on certain segments of customers to get that information. We can also steer you to some low-cost supplemental tools to help get even more amazing information.

Monthly Scorecard Setup and Reporting
Preparing and delivering a monthly "Scorecard" that shows the most important numbers—those that are closest to the bottom-line goals of your company's executives—is the best way to communicate the importance and success of your online marketing programs. Our scorecards are typically highly anticipated instead of ignored, and generally lead to more support (and budget) from the C-Level members of your firm.

Need help measuring your site? Set up a meeting with us today and let us put you on the right track.